Price of cleaning a wedding dress

It's been approximately six weeks since our wedding, which means I was about 6 weeks behind on getting my wedding dress cleaned. I avoided it simply because I could not afford the cleaning.

It's recommended you get your dressed cleaned immediately so that stains do not set in.

I made numerous phone calls and found the going rate to be in the $200 range. The advice seems obvious, but call around (and not to just 2-3 places). The price ranged from anywhere from $208-$350. Since my dress only cost around $300, there was just no way I was going to pay that much.

In reality, places automatically charge more because it's a wedding gown. My dress was a very basic wedding dress with no beading or fancy trims, or lace. It was a simple floor length ball gown.

This will not work for everyone, but if your dress could function in any other way, than ask for a price quote on cleaning a formal dress. My total cost for the cleaning was $80.

Money saved= $128