Da Bomb Diggity Fried Rice

I am sure I adapted this from somewhere, but no clue where. (Pics to follow)

*big wok pan
*extra virgin olive oil
*new or old rice

I make this so many different ways with many different ingredients.... but the staple is this:

Dice up some garlic cloves. I love garlic, so I do 4-5 cloves smashed and finely diced and chopped.

Gently toss 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil in skillet.. (and make the skillet big if you don't want half the rice to end up on the stove)

I  also love onion, so sometimes I will toss diced onion into the skilled and let it saute til soft..
then I toss in garlic.

Garlic will burn fast so you gotta be ready to rock and roll with the rice fast.. (I keep husband on back up for this reason)

Once garlic is looking like its about to burn, dump in rice (again I never measure and always use different amounts and it always ends up good.

Toss the rice with the pan goodness for a minute or two.

Move the rice to the side and drop in some eggs. If I feel protein happy I'll drop 3 eggs.. (minus the shells of course)

Swish those eggs around on the side until they are nice and cooked..then get chop happy with a spatula and mash those eggs into pieces...

Swirl with rice.
Then toss veggies. I like broccoli, sweet corn, and sometimes whatever else I have on hand...but anything you like..just throw it in now.

Then.. drizzle soy sauce on top to taste.

The recipe this is adapted from used fish sauce and soy sauce, but fish sauce is just an unnecessary added ingredient...

So there you have IT.


  1. So how do you cook the veges? Do you steam them or fry them separately and then add them before the soy sauce? I'm gonna make some this week. :) I always like your recipes! Keep them coming...especially simple ones for busy days!

  2. I use the Birds Eye SteamFresh ones in the Freezer section.. which you probably don't have. :-( So, I steam them first in the microwave.