Online Coupon Codes


When shopping online always do a google search for coupon codes.

I found a pair of shoes to buy at

I did a quick search and found a 20% off coupon code.

Money saved = $11.00


World of Coke Discount

Thanks for being a loyal subscriber and frequent visitor to the World of Coca-Cola! As a member of our World of Coca-Cola family, we're giving you an exclusive Spring buy one, get one free ticket offer! That's a savings of up to $15 with the purchase of a regular priced adult general admission ticket.

To redeem this special offer, just print this email and bring it with you to the World of Coca-Cola ticketing windows. Offer limited to general admission adult, senior and youth ticket types only. Free ticket will be equal in value to the regular priced general admission ticket purchased. Offer expires 4/30/2009. Offer not valid on previously purchased general admission tickets. Online redemption not available.

There isn't a better time to visit the World of Coca-Cola. It's the only place you can explore the complete story - past, present and future - of the world's most famous soft drink in a dynamic multimedia environment. Here's a taste of what's in store for you and your family and friends:
  • Experience our 4-D theater (3-D movie with moving seats)
  • Give our 7-foot-tall Coca-Cola Polar Bear a big hug
  • Be amazed by a fully-functioning bottling line and take home a FREE 8 oz. glass bottle of Coca-Cola
  • View over 1,200 never-before-displayed Coca-Cola artifacts
  • Taste over 60 different drinks produced by The Coca-Cola Company from around the globe


Redblog Free Movie Wednesday Code

It's March Movie Madness at redbox!
Visit redblog every Wednesday in March (plus the first week of April) at the stroke of midnight (Central Time), to get a promo code for a free night's rental from redbox.*

This week's promo code, good all day Wednesday, 3/25: MMM325

Want a free night's rental* every Monday?
Sign up for Free Movie Mondays with redbox SMS alerts and get a free code sent to your mobile phone every Monday!

*Good for one free night's rental. Code expires at midnight Central Time and is good at redbox kiosks only -- cannot be used for online reservations on


Secret to a FREE lunch?

Question: How Do I Enjoy the Food Below, FOR FREE??

Answer: Become a Mystery Shopper.

Now that the easy part is over, let's get to the hard part. How do you become a mystery shopper?

1. Find a reputable company. This means NEVER EVER NEVER NEVER pay to join a site or club that offers secret shopping services. More than likely, it's a scam. There are numerous sites that don't require any money to join.
2. Fill out an application. This usually involves writing up a short paragraph about a recent dining experience.
3. After being accepted, enjoy the perks of mystery shopping.

As a side note, keep in mind that most companies give you a reimbursement for what you spend. You spend the money upfront, and submit a report, and then are reimbursed typically within a month.

The shop reports you have to fill out can be extensive, and time consuming. Make sure it's worth it before you sign yourself up for a $6 shop at a fast food joint. I only visit restaurants that pay upwards of $50 because I find anything less not worth my time.

MSPA Shopper Certification is suggested by some companies, but is by no means required. I don't have it, and I still receive great shops.

Some companies to check out (by no means am I endorsing these so just FYI):


Hopefully that'll give you a starting point. It's totally legit. I've never had a problem in the 3 years I have done it. I have been to countless restaurants, visited the dentist for free which included exam and xrays ($250 value), and been paid to shop at retail stores.


Shutterfly Free Photos

Back when I was making scrapbooks for the wedding, I shopped around for the lowest price on prints for my photos. I discovered that sites gave you between 25-50 free prints just for registering. Once I used up all my free prints from Shutterfly, Winkflash, and others. I had all the prints I needed, for free. I just had to pay shipping and handling.

I regularly receive sales offers from Shutterfly because of my account. Recently I scored a free ($30 value) 8x8 Photo Book. I just had to pay $8 shipping and handling. I am going to make another free Photo Book courtesy of David's Bridal and Shutterfly.

Below is another offer, just for creating a share site on Shutterfly.

How the promotion works:

Between 3/11/09 and 4/15/09

Create a new Share site and we’ll give you 30 free 4x6 prints.

Add five unique members to a site you own and you’ll get 20 free 4x6 prints (See how to add members below.)

Post a photo book to your Share site (a new or existing site) and you’ll get 10 free 4x6 prints. (See how to post a photo book below.)

Redbox FREE Movie Wednesdays in March

The month is half over so I figured I better put this up now. . for my one lonely reader.

If you haven't heard of Redbox, or don't get out much, then let me tell you about my old best friend. Redbox is located usually at Wal Marts and outside McDonald's locations. They also just added one at the Walgreens .5 miles from my house. You can rent a new release for 99 cents a day.

Every Wednesday in March, Redbox has a new code you can use to rent a movie for free. To keep it free, just return by Thursday at 9 p.m. Find the code at

You usually have a do a fair bit of scanning, but its there. :-)

Money saved= $.99 plus tax

Chili's Salsa

Recipe for "Chili's Salsa" ... that doesn't really taste like Chili's salsa (taken from . Michael say's it's better than Chili's.

The photo above shows all the ingredients you need. Just gather them up in the seen quantities, and throw in blender. Actually, pulse the onions and jalapenos together for a few seconds first. Then pop in the rest.

Blend all ingredients. My blender has a salsa feature so I just hit it and let it do it's thing. I let it run twice on the salsa feature, and turn it off when I can smell the blades burn. Then you'll want to chill in freezer for 30 minutes. It's just a quirk I do, not really required. But definitely CHILL before serving (2 hours is preferred.. the flavors need to jive).

Serve. Just hopefully not on the floor.

SERVES 32 , 4 Cups (change servings and units)


Cost at Chili's:
Chips and Salsa: $2.89
2 meals you order so you don't feel stupid only ordering the chips and salsa: $17.65
Tip: $4
Total: $24.54

Cost at Home:
2 cans tomatoes: $1.50
Half a yellow onion: $0.45
Jalapenos: $0.10
Cumin: $0.05
Garlic: $0.35
Sugar: $0.05
Tortilla Chips: $1.88
Total: $4.38

Money Saved: $20.16


Stewed Steak

I have no idea what really to call this meal, but it's pretty delicious (and cheap).

Let's get to the ingredients:

2 cans Stewed Tomatoes Italian Recipe (drain juice and PUREE in blender)
1 lb Ground Chuck Beef (cube steak will work here too)
Cooked white rice

Fresh diced garlic
Fresh diced white or yellow onion

1. Make pretty little round patties with the ground beef (about 1/4 lb each).

2. Place in nice heavy pan.

2. This is optional, but seriously, mind blowing goodness (if you don't get out much). Throw on some diced up FRESH garlic and diced yellow onion (or white onion). I press the chopped garlic into the meat.

This is what it should look like when you crank on the heat.

3. Brown the meat until it looks something like this (make sure you nicely saute those onions and garlic, but don't burn em):

4. Drain excess juice from the meat. And then add the 2 cans of pureed stewed tomatoes.

5. Turn heat on low and cover. Let simmer and jive for an hour. Sometimes just 30-45 minutes.. whatever floats your boat.

Serve over rice.

Total cost:

2 cans stewed tomatoes $1.50
1 lb beef $1.77
Chopped fresh garlic $0.10
Yellow Onion $0.30
White Rice $0.75

= $4.42