Chili's Salsa

Recipe for "Chili's Salsa" ... that doesn't really taste like Chili's salsa (taken from . Michael say's it's better than Chili's.

The photo above shows all the ingredients you need. Just gather them up in the seen quantities, and throw in blender. Actually, pulse the onions and jalapenos together for a few seconds first. Then pop in the rest.

Blend all ingredients. My blender has a salsa feature so I just hit it and let it do it's thing. I let it run twice on the salsa feature, and turn it off when I can smell the blades burn. Then you'll want to chill in freezer for 30 minutes. It's just a quirk I do, not really required. But definitely CHILL before serving (2 hours is preferred.. the flavors need to jive).

Serve. Just hopefully not on the floor.

SERVES 32 , 4 Cups (change servings and units)


Cost at Chili's:
Chips and Salsa: $2.89
2 meals you order so you don't feel stupid only ordering the chips and salsa: $17.65
Tip: $4
Total: $24.54

Cost at Home:
2 cans tomatoes: $1.50
Half a yellow onion: $0.45
Jalapenos: $0.10
Cumin: $0.05
Garlic: $0.35
Sugar: $0.05
Tortilla Chips: $1.88
Total: $4.38

Money Saved: $20.16

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