Stewed Steak

I have no idea what really to call this meal, but it's pretty delicious (and cheap).

Let's get to the ingredients:

2 cans Stewed Tomatoes Italian Recipe (drain juice and PUREE in blender)
1 lb Ground Chuck Beef (cube steak will work here too)
Cooked white rice

Fresh diced garlic
Fresh diced white or yellow onion

1. Make pretty little round patties with the ground beef (about 1/4 lb each).

2. Place in nice heavy pan.

2. This is optional, but seriously, mind blowing goodness (if you don't get out much). Throw on some diced up FRESH garlic and diced yellow onion (or white onion). I press the chopped garlic into the meat.

This is what it should look like when you crank on the heat.

3. Brown the meat until it looks something like this (make sure you nicely saute those onions and garlic, but don't burn em):

4. Drain excess juice from the meat. And then add the 2 cans of pureed stewed tomatoes.

5. Turn heat on low and cover. Let simmer and jive for an hour. Sometimes just 30-45 minutes.. whatever floats your boat.

Serve over rice.

Total cost:

2 cans stewed tomatoes $1.50
1 lb beef $1.77
Chopped fresh garlic $0.10
Yellow Onion $0.30
White Rice $0.75

= $4.42

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