Tip of The Day - Overdosing on Laundry Detergent

Duuuuuude. Oh my gosh. I saw this on Consumer Reports a few weeks ago, and it was a HUGE HELLO. There was an article on concentrated laundry detergent and it stated that we often use too much.

Here I was always wondering why I buy these bottles of detergent that last for 70 loads and yet they are empty after more like 20 loads.

Well, that's because it's sometimes near impossible to see the appropriate line that you fill to for small size load, regular load, or supersize load. Guess what?? Even a super size load does not require a full cap full of detergent with Tide or All.

UGH! I guesstimate I sometimes use 2 or 3 times the necessary amount because I naively just filled the cap.. .

Make sure you are using the right amount. Who knows how much I've wasted.

The article states:

"Since some of the tested detergents cost as much as 65 cents per load, using too much cleaner could become expensive. Overdosing can also cause soap deposits and lint to form inside your washing machine, which, say some manufacturers, might contribute to mold and odors. It could also plug or restrict ports or filters, says Chris Zeisler, an appliance-repair expert at, who adds that those deposits could result in mechanical failure. And for some high-efficiency washers, overdosing can produce excessive suds and lead to extended wash cycles as the machine tries to remove the soap."

Here is the link to the original article

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